EU Sales

We ship your order to any country within the European Union using DPD or GLS couriers.

The best way to order is to register in the online store and place your order there. You should be able to pay through the PayU system without any problems. PayU will take care of the necessary currency exchange from PLN to your local currency. You can also pay in EUR via PayPal (a fee will be added). To change the displayed prices from PLN to EUR and unlock the ability to pay in that currency, click the currency icon on the left side of the screen.

Please contact us at for direct orders.

Shipping costs are fixed as below:

Austria 65 PLN

Belgium 65 PLN

Bulgaria 100 PLN

Croatia 80 PLN

Czech Republic 45 PLN

Denmark 90 PLN

Estonia 90 PLN

Finland 100 PLN

France 90 PLN

Greece 100 PLN

Holland 65 PLN

Hungary 65 PLN

Ireland 100 PLN

Italy 100 PLN

Lithuania 65 PLN

Latvia 65 PLN

Portugal 100 PLN

Romania 30 PLN

Slovakia 65 PLN

Slovenia 90 PLN

Spain (mainland) 100 PLN
Spain (Balears) 150 PLN

Sweden 100 PLN


Germany - shipment unavailable

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